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Bryony's approach to design centres around carefully curated combinations  of materials, objects, and ideas, spearheaded by the integration of symbology and colour theory into the mise-en-scène. Drawing inspiration from sociological, historical, and cultural references, amongst others, her aim is to create not only conscious, but subconscious, stories through production design.

Graduating from University for the Creative Arts in 2015 with a BA (hons) in Film Production, Bryony spent 6 years as a Production Designer and Art Director on indie music videos, shorts and feature films, and corporate (Dettol) and charity social media campaigns (RSPCA, BPAS).

From 2019-21 she was based in Amsterdam with the sculpture team at eco-organisation, 'Klean NL', as a plastic welder on the 'Plastic Madonna', while simultaneously travelling back to the UK to work on short films, including her last project as Production Designer, BAFTA 2021 Shorts nominee, 'Lucky Break'.

In addition to film work, her photography, artwork, and writing, have been selected for publications and galleries such as: Conclave Gallery, Void Collective, and The Design Museum's zine for the 2020 London Design Festival.

As of 2021, she is based in London as a Production and Petty Cash Buyer for period HETV.

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RSPCA Broiler Chicken Challenge [2019]
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